I recall several years ago listening to a podcast on Animal Assisted Play Therapy (AAPT). Risë VanFleet was sharing about this type of treatment and the ways it could be beneficial for children. As I listened to Risë describe the process of AAPT, I remember thinking what an incredible process this could be for so many children in therapy. Fast forward several years and VanFleet and Faa-Thompson have amassed a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable book about AAPT. Not only does this book present a clear definition of AAPT, it is full of case examples, theoretical understanding, practical implementation, research, and a clear unison of animal assisted therapy and play therapy. It is the definitive guide on AAPT. Practitioners will enjoy reading and learning about AAPT and appreciate the level of thoroughness that the authors have mastered in bringing this much-needed treatment to the forefront of therapeutic options.