VanFleet & Faa-Thompson are pioneers in the field of Animal Assisted Play Therapy (AAPT). Many healthcare and human service providers are interested in the inclusion of animals in practice, and this book offers critical information and considerations for both novice and experienced practitioners of any discipline. The authors discuss the foundations, principles, theory, and competencies for AAPT and take on the more challenging topics that must be considered before including AAPT in practice. This is one of the few books that discusses the professional issues, ethics, and welfare as it directly applies to AAPT. Both authors are well rounded and respected in their field for work with humans, and for their continuing education and qualifications to humanely and respectfully work with animals, and to teach workshops on this topic. This book is an important addition to every practitioner’s library who has an interest in animal assisted therapy, and a must-have to fulfill the required competencies for practice in this specialty area.