Certified AAPT Professionals

Yvonne Leong, CPP-AAPT

Yvonne specializes in working with differently abled children. She develops fun activities to help these children work on areas such as learning about big emotions and practicing coping skills. Having a therapy dog around to assist in the play sessions help the children shift their focus away from themselves. At the same time, they have lots of fun learning and practicing their skills with a furry friend. If only all learning could be done through play, how wonderful that would be!

Yvonne’s AAPT-approved dog is a Singapore Special (local mixed breed) named Dex. He thinks he can solve all of the world’s problems if he can get everyone to stop and give him belly rubs! He is also always up for a game or two. Yvonne was a volunteer at a local animal-assisted therapy group between 2012-2019 and has also been volunteering at an after-school care centre in Singapore for children with special needs. She is working on starting a part-time private practice and is based in Singapore.

Yvonne can be contacted at:

Email: leong.yvonne@gmail.com