Certified AAPT Professionals


Ms. LeBoon is a holistic and empathetic psychotherapist providing various modalities for ‘Emotional Clarity’ and self-awareness. Clinical therapy services offered range from Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples. She is experienced in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Trauma/Abuse, Grief/Loss, and other emotional issues and diagnoses. Sarah facilitates various Group Therapy Sessions for Grief and Loss for children and adults; Play Sand Therapy and Teen Therapy. Supervision provided to clinicians acquiring hours for their LCSW and RPT.

Sarah is a Certified Animal Assisted Play therapist since 2018 and involves two brothers, Rocky and Oro, who are Havanese. They are great with children and adults, and both are friendly and patient. Rocky is very food motivated which allows for many different animal assisted play interventions. He has a great smile when he greets his clients. Oro loves to play with his toys, belly rubs, and sometimes shows off his weakness of being stubborn which makes for great learning for kids.

Sarah can be reached at:

Phone: (610) 745.0318

Email: sarah@theartofemotion.com

1220 Valley Forge Road Suite 38
PO BOX 987 PMB 91
Valley Forge PA 19482