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Monique van Loggerenberg, PhD

Monique van Loggerenberg, PhD, is a Registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor, Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, and Multi-level Neuro-Processing Trauma Therapist. She lives in the tranquil small town in the heart of South Africa, called Bultfontein. Monique has been working with adults, children, families and corporate clientele for over 12 years, to restore broken relationships, resolve trauma and facilitate corporate team building events whereby colleagues learn how to resolve conflict and build better relationships. The inclusion of animals in her therapeutic work assists in the facilitation of sometimes difficult situations. This work led to a formal doctoral-level research study whereby she investigated the effect of Equine Assisted Play Therapy® on victims of bullying and concluded that the inclusion of an animal assisted the therapeutic process and emotional healing of the victims. She includes both horses (Blondie – a Palamino Mare; and Bushy – a Basotho Gelding) and a dog (Lilly – a French Poodle) during therapy sessions. Clients are able to choose if they prefer to work with horses or with the dog. Monique and Lilly also work together as therapy partners at an organization called Families South Africa (FAMSA) where they assist families to resolve conflict and assist children to overcome behavioural problems.

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