Certified AAPT Professionals

Krystal Morier, Registered Occupational Therapist, CPP-AAPT

Krystal Morier is the director of Kids Compass Paediatric Therapy Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Helping people has been Krystal’s passion for as long as she can remember. This inspired Krystal to open her practice, Kids Compass in 2018. Krystal’s goal with Kids Compass isn’t just to help children and their families therapeutically, but to share with others the same opportunities to ‘find their way’ with professional support, encouragement, and understanding that she had experienced on her journey to pursue her dream of opening her own practice.

Krystal is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist that enriches her work with children by utilising various play therapy modalities, including Animal Assisted Play Therapy. Krystal works with her beautiful chocolate Labrador, Magick, who is so named because ‘magic’ happens between kids and animals.

Magick is a beautiful gentle giant whose gaze will melt any heart. Magick loves to play and be with his child clients (especially if they give him special treats). Magick also has a special knack of regulating the kids he sees and knows just when they need a cuddle. 

Krystal and Magick are an intuitive duo who loves incorporating AAPT into their work with children and their families.

Krystal can be contacted at: