Certified AAPT Professionals

Kamie Larson, LCSW-QS, RPT™, CAAPT

Kamie Larson is the owner of Gulf Breeze Therapy in Gulf Breeze, Florida. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Qualified Supervisor in Florida. She is a Registered Play Therapist and a Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist. Kamie’s social work career spans 3 decades in a variety of agencies, schools and locations with children, adolescents and their families while her own Navy family bounced around from base-to-base. She became a licensed clinician in 2011 and, upon her husband’s retirement from the Navy and the family settling in Gulf Breeze, opened Gulf Breeze Therapy.

Kamie specializes in serving infants through young adults using a large variety of developmentally appropriate interventions carefully curated to meet each client’s needs, preferences and personality. She works with clients and caregivers as part of a team approach to bring more peace, calm and connection to their lives. As a Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist she has witnessed the healing power of play among species. Therefore, she employs play therapy, and animal assisted techniques in helping people heal.

Kamie’s canine co-therapists are Chief the Golden Retriever and Doc the Doodle. Both dogs love coming to the office a day or two each week to assist and play. Chief’s specialties are big smiles, love blinks, tricks for treats and requesting pets. Doc’s specialties are taking humans on mindfulness walks, learning obstacle courses, fetching the ball, and also requesting pets.

Kamie can be contacted at:
Kamie Larson, LCSW-QS, RPT™, CAAPT
Gulf Breeze Therapy, LLC