Certified AAPT Professionals

Jamie Brett Moniak, MS, LPC, CPP-AAPT

Jamie Brett Moniak is the owner of In Balance Studio in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Practitioner of Animal Assisted Play Therapy. Since her first introduction to play therapy in 1998, Jamie has sought out extensive training in Play Therapy, Filial (parent-child) Play Therapy and Animal-Assisted Play Therapy®. More recently, she has evolved her practice to include Social-Emotional Thinking Skills, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness, and Reiki.

In Balance Studio is dedicated to building calm minds, calm bodies, and positive connections for children, teens, and families. All counseling practices are based on the belief that we learn best in the present moment, in connection with others, when we feel safe, and when we are having fun. Unique to In Balance Studio is two approved Animal-Assisted Play Therapy dogs: Baxter and Sarah. Baxter is a Chocolate-Lab mix with a loving nature. He loves to learn and do tricks…anything for a treat! Many kids work with him on improving his listening and regulating his impulsiveness. Sarah is a American Staffordshire Terrier with a happy and sweet nature. She loves to meet new people, giving them lots of licks! Kids love to help Sarah find ways to overcome her anxiety so she can have fun doing tricks too!

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