Certified AAPT Professionals

Haley Moskella, LCSW, CPP-AAPT

Haley has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She has worked in the human services field as a social worker for 6 years, with experience in a hospital setting, domestic violence agency, and her most recent experience in private practice doing therapy with children. Haley is currently working toward her Registered Play Therapist credential. In 2015, Haley began her AAPT journey with her Pitbull Mix Terrier, Amora. Despite the challenges that Amora’s breed sometimes raises due to considerable misunderstanding of it, she has been an asset to Haley’s work and the practice where they work. Amora is sure to bring many smiles and much laughter to all she meets. In July 2017, Haley earned her Certified Professional Practitioner of AAPT, and Amora became an Approved AAPT Dog.

While in the play therapy room, Amora enjoys playing hide-n-seek, learning new tricks, and playing games created by Haley to address the clients’ treatment goals. On those lazy dog days, Amora enjoys cuddling up close to clients to they can share their feelings with her or read her a book. Haley and Amora work mostly with kids who experience anxiety, self-esteem issues, ADHD, and attachment issues. She is located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Please contact Haley for availability.

Haley can be contacted at: