Animals Speak! Light Messages for Kids During the Pandemic. Issue #2

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Animals Speak!

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© 2020. Risë VanFleet, Ph.D. with IIAAPT. All rights reserved. Photo by Carl Photography, Boiling Springs, PA.

Hi Gang! 

It’s Kirrie here again. Today I am outside enjoying this spring-like weather. I hope you enjoyed our first edition of Animals Speak! When I told my animal friends about how great all of you were, they were very excited to become involved. The coronavirus has been keeping us animals close to home, too, and we are eager to do something fun and useful! Are you ready for edition #2? Here goes.

I have so many messages sent to me from my animal friends that they will fill more of these blogs! I will put a few in this one, and then in a few days, we will have another. I hope that sounds good to you!

Our first edition featured dogs. There are also some other species who are lined up to talk with you. You will be able to hear from quite a few different animals in this edition and in future editions. There’s just so much to talk about!

Did you know that animals have different personalities, just like people do? It’s true! If you have more than one pet at your place, I’ll bet that they can be quite different from each other. Am I right? All of the animals who will share their thoughts are different from each other. They have different things on their minds. The way you feel might be similar to some and different from others. Remember, if you have some things you’d like us to talk about here, you can send them to my typist, Risë VanFleet, via email. Well, I have said enough. It’s time to get on with the show.

We have three special videos for you today. Our first guest is Annie. Annie lives with her human, Jo Hill, in the United Kingdom! That is pretty far away from the U.S. The great big Atlantic Ocean is between the UK and the USA. Annie  is going to tell us a little bit about feelings like worry and how to deal with them. Click on her name to watch: Annie

Next, we have someone with a rather special reaction to keeping clean, such as washing one’s hands in order to stay healthy. Meet Frances from Harmony Farm Sanctuary in Oregon, USA. She lives in the great place established by Robine Bots, and she is good friends with Lisa Mink McGowan. Click her name for her message: Frances

Are you ready for some more? Next up we have Siri the Cat. She belongs to my human grandparents, Robert and Frieda VanFleet. She has lived her whole life as an indoor cat, so she has some experience with staying inside. She has some tips for you! Hear her message by clicking on her name: Siri the Cat

I have one thing to add. If you do get to go outside, listen to your parents or caregivers so you stay right near your house and wherever they say. It’s important that you keep lots of distance between you and other people who might be outside. This is all to avoid catching the virus and becoming unwell. I think we will all be glad when this virus goes away – it’s a good thing lots of really smart scientists are working on the problem!

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll be back in a few days with some more of my animal friends and their messages. Hope to see you soon!

Your pal,


Animals Speak! is a project of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy® featuring therapists and their animals from all over the world who have been trained in AAPT. The purpose is to provide child-friendly information about topics related to the pandemic, along with some fun or interesting ideas to help kids of all ages cope with what is going on.

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