Animals Speak! Light Messages for Kids about the Pandemic. Issue #7

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Animals Speak!

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Hey Kids (and Grown-ups, too). It’s Kirrie here again as your host to the Animals Speak! series of videos and ideas you can watch during the Pandemic and when Stay-at-Home orders are in place. That’s kind of a big picture of me, and even though it says “almost 16” I am actually now 16 years and 3 weeks old! This was a picture taken for a card last December, but I thought of using this picture because all of a sudden where I live, after some really nice spring days, it has become like winter again. We even had snowflakes in the air last night. I like being outdoors, but not when it’s cold and windy like this.

Well, enough about me! How have you been doing? I hope you are hanging in there and finding some things to do that are interesting! I have 3 guests here for this issue. Pippa and Leo both live together, but they each wanted to tell you about some things. And then Norman is here to tell us about his life as a cow and how he deals with scary feelings. Ready? By now you know the drill. Click on their names to hear what they want you to know!

First up we have Leo who lives and works with Kit Fuller. He has some things to say, and then he is going to sing a song – can you believe it?? Click on his name: Leo.

Next, you’ll see Leo lying down with his mother, Pippa, who also lives and works with Kit Fuller. Pippa does the talking this time, and she has some ideas to share with you. Click on her name: Pippa.

Finally for today, our next guest is pretty big. Cows are a whole lot bigger than us dogs, but I bet you already knew that! Norman is going to tell us about some scary feelings he used to have and how he dealt with them. Norman lives at Harmony Farm Sanctuary in Oregon (founded by Robine Bots) and is good friends with Lisa Mink McGowan. Click on his name: Norman.

That’s it for today, but there are more animals wanting to share thoughts with you coming up soon!

Your pal,

Animals Speak! is a project of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy® featuring therapists and their animals from all over the world who have been trained in AAPT. The purpose is to provide child-friendly information about topics related to the pandemic, along with some fun or interesting ideas to help kids of all ages cope with what is going on.

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