Animals Speak! Light Messages for Kids About the Pandemic. Issue #6

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Animals Speak!

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Oh no! Is Kirrie in JAIL?

Read below and click the links
to find out!





Hello, Everybody! Quick! Click the link on my name for my message: Kirrie.

I hope that my message about the outdoors will help you feel a little more comfortable! Now I have some other guests here who have some messages of their own. Next up we have Mocha, who lives and works with Lisa Mink McGowan in her play therapy office. Mocha has some thoughts on “gratitude statements.” Do you know what gratitude is? It’s about how we can be thankful for some good things going on. Click on her name and hear her message just for you! Mocha

Mocha makes some good points, don’t you think? Even though things can be a little weird right now, there are good things happening, too. I’m going to try some of those gratitude statements – how about you?

Finally today we have our first horse friend to appear on Animals Speak! to share some thoughts with you. Buddy lives in Australia with Olivia Star. He has some thoughts about what washing up is like for horses! Click on his name: Buddy.

Well that’s it for today. There are STILL lots of my animal friends lined up to give you some special messages. Remember, we’re all in this together and we’re going to get through it. In the meantime, Stay at Home and see what interesting things you can find around the house!

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A group of professionals gets training in AAPT in North Northumberland in the UK with cofounder Tracie Faa-Thompson’s horses.

Animals Speak! is a project of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy® featuring therapists and their animals from all over the world who have been trained in AAPT. The purpose is to provide child-friendly information about topics related to the pandemic, along with some fun or interesting ideas to help kids of all ages cope with what is going on.

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