Animals Speak! Light Messages for Kids About the Pandemic. Issue #5

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Animals Speak!

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Hi Everyone,
It’s Kirrie back with Issue 5 of Animals Speak! There are quite a few more animals lining up to give you some messages, and we will bring them to you very soon. Today there will be two messages from my bro, Murrie. Murrie lives with our family and me, and he is a very energetic, fun brother. He sometimes forgets to think ahead though, and I think he’s going to talk about that in his vlogs today. All I can say is I was here for the whole thing that happened today, and I’m just glad I didn’t follow him down over the hill.

Are you ready to hear from Murrie? Here is part one of his message. Click on his name: Murrie 1.

That’s just the beginning of the story. Now here he is to tell you the rest of what happened. Click on his name to hear it in his own words: Murrie 2.

As you can imagine, that was quite a hoot. I’ll be back in a few days with our next issue.

Risë VanFleet with a younger Kirrie

Animals Speak! is a project of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy® featuring therapists and their animals from all over the world who have been trained in AAPT. The purpose is to provide child-friendly information about topics related to the pandemic, along with some fun or interesting ideas to help kids of all ages cope with what is going on.

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