Animals Speak! Light Messages for Kids about the Pandemic. Issue #8.

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Animals Speak!

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Hey Gang,

Kirrie here once again. I’m sorry for the delay but I’ve been very busy. We have a big construction project going on at our house, even though my human father, Mark, is the main one building it with some very valuable help from a family relative. It’s going to be a new training center!

Because I’m old and have a little trouble with my back legs, I haven’t gotten up inside it yet. I will have to wait until they get the steps put in, or a ramp. But my good buddies Murrie and Josie Patches were up in it the other day. They ran around and played a lot. They also stopped to look out the window (not glass in it yet!) to check out the view. They said it’s pretty good!

Some people seem to like having to stay at home and some people are getting a little antsy. Which one is you? This virus thing sure has made for a lot of changes in our lives, hasn’t it? The good thing is that I hear that humans usually are pretty good at adjusting. I hope you’re finding ways to adjust to your own situation.

Well, as I said, I have some more friends who have messages for you. Today we have 3 dogs who all live and work with Teri Holamon in Texas. You’ll hear from Khaleesi, Zoey, and Gibbs Theradoodle! Click on their names below to see and hear what they have to say!



Gibbs Theradoodle

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing from my friends. Remember that if you are going outside to check with your parents or caregivers first. We understand that kids live in different types of circumstances, so it’s always important to check with your parents so you’ll stay safe and healthy!

Hang in there, my friends. I’ll be back with some more of my animal friends and their messages very soon!
Thanks for joining us!

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